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Villain[ish]- A Comic By Avery Polinori


In a world of superheroes, Vince wants to be seen as the greatest hero of all. And while Grace has the power, all she wants is to be seen.


Villain[ish] focuses on siblings Grace and Vince Savage. Vince wants to prove himself as a superhero. But his transgender sister, Grace, wants everyone to see her for who she really is. After an accident gives Grace telekinesis, she agrees to help Vince realize his goal. And to do that, she’ll have to be the villain. Grace uses her powers to make them become Vindicator and Gravitaea: arch nemeses fighting fake battles for the fate of the world.

They have some help along the way. Steven, a literal Troll and tech wiz = records all the battles. Erin, Grace’s only real friend, lends her creativity in designing the backstories and looks for Vindicator and Gravitaea. But both Vince and Grace will have adults influencing their divide in becoming a hero and villain. Their dad, superhero wannabe Captain Savage, pushes his son to be the best no matter what or who gets in his way. And Madame Manic, a sorceress and supervillain, will help Grace to see that villains are only those that dare to be different.

In this world, we encounter other heroes and Villains, like athletic hero-trainee Amy, jaded teen-genius Martha Smartenstein, pious aquatic hero Holy Mackerel, and groups like the Gallant Good Guys (3G) and the artistic bad guys and Villain[ish] Vendors. As these forces influence the siblings, lines will be drawn and Grace will start to see what it means to live her truth.

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