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About Cardigan Comix

Our Last Hope

The world is a dark place. Comic book stores are closing down. Fans are gatekeeping the community. Cinematic adaptations are falling short of the stories we've come to know in love. What hope is their for the lost nerds adrift in the universe?

Enter Cardigan Comix, a shining beacon of hope. Keep up with the latest comic book hot-takes with the Thought Bubble. Purchase and commission amazing fan art and illustrations with Cardigan Comix Creations. Listen to a couple of buds hash out their ideas on how to improve geeky movies with the Nerds Polish Turds Podcast. Read and discuss great classic and indie comics when you join the Comix Crunch Club Facebook Group. And tune in with us live for special events on Twitch!

There are so many things for comic book fans both fresh and OG to love when they become a part of the Cardigan Comix Community.

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Avery Polinori

Founder // Manager // Contributor

Avery is a cartoonist, writer, and speaker. As the founder of Cardigan Comix, Avery hopes to cultivate a diverse community of readers that thrives on equality, justice, peace, acceptance, and love.

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