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What is Cardigan Comix all about? Who's behind it?

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your source for Cardigan Comix's comic book hot-takes

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Look out, Hollywood. We've got a podcast! (Hire us, please.)

Every day, a nerd you know suffers from watching a bad movie from their favorite franchises. The Nerds Polish Turds podcast creates discussion on how we could better improve the lives of the nerds with pointless film discussions.

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A Monthly Comic Book Club

Have you always wanted to get into comics, but you're intimidated by decades of stories? Do you just not know what genre is right for you? If you've answered yes to either of these questions, then the Comix Crunch Club is the right place for you.
We'll take a look at some modern indie picks while taking a look back at some classics. All the comics will be socially relevant and there will be something for everyone to enjoy. Gatekeepers, step aside!

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Check out the latest Creations! You can buy your own here.

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To tune into live Nerds Polish Turds and Comix Crunch Club events, find us on Twitch!

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